Coolman’s Universe To Open PREMINT Raffle Tomorrow for Coolman Babies

Coolman's Universe announced that it will be opening a PREMINT raffle for its upcoming expansion collection "Coolman's Babies" tomorrow in a recent tweet.

The opening of the raffle will take place during the project's upcoming Town Hall.

The team also informed users to wait for the link that it provides in order to keep hopeful market participants from clicking any fake links.

Winners of the raffle will be notified on Jul 6.

Coolman's Universe is a collection of 10,000 Speshies vibin' as NFTs by Coolman Coffeedan (@coolcoffeedan). Coolman Coffeedan AKA Danny Casale, is the founder and artist behind Coolman’s Universe. Coolman's Universe is known for its partnership with footwear brand Crocs and its companion "Babies" collection.
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