Coolman's Universe Leans Into Community

Coolman's Universe Leans Into Community
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Coolman's Universe artist and founder Coolman Coffeedan announced two notable Discord community members, Guru and Rose_Garden, would be joining the project to help steer the direction and expand the Coolman's Universe brand. 

The pair will head the CMUnity Leadership Team, working closely with Dan and the project's other full-time members, though they will not be directly compensated for their time. 

"As active CMU holders, our incentives are aligned with the CMU community. This position is not compensated. We are volunteering our time because we believe in the message of Spesh and the potential of CMU in the Web3 space," reads a message from the pair in the community Discord. 

Coolman's Universe NFTs have fallen significantly since the market turned bearish in the early part of 2022. The project which helped lead #CuteMeta in the early part of the year now holds a floor price of 0.10 ETH, a precipitous drop from the all-time high of 2.30 ETH in February. 

The project will host an AMA later this week to address any community questions or concerns. 

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