Cool Monkes Genesis NFTs

Cool Monkes Genesis NFT Overview

Project Information

Cool Monkes Genesis is a unique collection of 10,000 genesis monkes that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Each Cool Monke is randomly generated featuring  crafted with over 250 hand-drawn traits including different outfits, faces, hats, and colors spanning eight rarities.  

Cool Monkes Genesis gives holders the power to breed and evolve Baby Cool Monkes through an interactive and fun PvE Game.  The projects in-house token is call $CMB, which can be used in breeding, raising Baby Cool Monkes and buying exclusive real-world merch.  Holders with two or more Cool Monkes can breed and create a new Generation 2 Baby Cool Monke. Baby Cool Monkes can be raised into kids or adults using the interactive PVE experience.  Cool Monkes earn certain amount of $CMB based on rarity.  Other future utility to be determind.