Cosmic Wyverns NFTs

Cosmic Wyverns NFT Overview

Project Information

The Cosmic Wyverns are a race of 3,500 winged dragons featuring randomly generated traits. 

Each holder of a Wyvern will be able to produce five $BREATH tokens per day. Utility of the $BREATH token includes Wyvern breeding, evolution, ascension, and launchpad access.

One of the utilities of $BREATH tokens in the future is to be used as a medium in getting private sale allocations for play-to-earn games. 

Wyvern DAO also utilizes the $BREATH token for voting. The more $BREATH token you hold, the more weight you have on your votes. Additionally 50 percent of secondary sales will be sent to the DAO for the improvement of the Wyverns Metaverse. 

They collection has partnerships with Amethaverse, Icy Tools, and CLub 721.