CPG Pop: by Crypto Packaged Goods NFTs

CPG Pop: by Crypto Packaged Goods NFT Overview

Project Information

Pop consists of 2,777 generative ERC-721A NFTs with a full spectrum of rarity and 1/1 tokens. Proceeds from the collection will be allocated to be used for utility for both Crypto Packaged Goods Genesis and Pop members, and fund the development of splashy product drops.

Pop is designed by Stewart Scott-Curran and an ensemble of 11 secret 1/1 artists. Crypto Packaged Goods members are founders of successful startups and prominent NFT projects, artists, venture capitalists, established web3 executives, proven NFT traders, and aspiring builders in crypto.

The collection is rooted in the heritage of CPG pop art (from Lichtenstein to Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans), Pop features modern interpretations of nostalgic products utilizing a variety of mediums: risograph, prints, 3D models, GAN imagery, and more. Art is only a minor component of the collection. The main draw of Crypto Packaged Goods comes from the NFT's utility.

Utility Includes:

  • alpha chats
  • Genius Call seminars
  • CPG Data Room® trading insights
  • events
  • retreats
  • allow lists
  • ((redacted))