Cranky Critters NFTs

Cranky Critters NFT Overview

Project Information

Cranky Critters is a collection of 6,000 critter themed NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. There are six different Critters in the core collection: cat, raccoon, bunny, fox, bee and chicken. Each critter features six traits (eyes, mouth, outfit, head, identity, background) that vary in rarity.

Cranky Critters differs from other avatar projects with the addition of their physical board game that is currently under development. Each Critter holder will be able to order the physical board game and have it shipped to them for free.

The Cranky Critters teams is dedicated to reducing on-chain carbon emissions and become a completely carbon-negative NFT project. They are aiming to assign at least 5% of all primary sales and 10% of secondary sale royalties to Offsetra, a company dedicated to helping companies achieve their net-zero carbon emission goals.