Crazy Camels NFTs

Crazy Camels NFT Overview

Project Information

Crazy Camels are a collection of 2000 Crazy Camel NFTs generated on the Ethereum blockchain and come with a membership to an exclusive group called "The Tribe".

The team consists of 7 members including the two co-founders and an illustrator known as Théorus.

All of the 180+ traits are hand-drawn by Théorus and are programmatically generated to be 100% unique. The project consists of legendary camels of various tiers and benefits. The minter of the 1/1 Mythic Camel will receive $200,000 in ETH, while the minters of the 4 unique Heroic Camels will each receive a Rolex GMT Master 2 or Submariner watch. Lastly, the 10 lucky minters of the legendary camels will each receive $10,000 in ETH. Crazy Camels' roadmap also includes giving away $1,000 to one Crazy Camel holder every day for an entire month.