Crypto Packaged Goods Genesis NFTs

Crypto Packaged Goods Genesis NFT Overview

Project Information

Crypto Packaged Goods Genesis is an Alpha community and product incubator where web3 meets consumers.

Every NFT grants access to alpha chats, product incubation channels, VIP events, and NFT allow lists for partner projects.


  • Alpha chats diving deep into NFTs, De-Fi, developer skills, and more
  • Incubators building products, brands, NFTs and DAOs
  • Virtual seminars and IRL events
  • Access to CPG daily digests and dashboards
  • Help build
  • Local meetups
  • Member perks

A dream team of Mentors received an airdrop of Mentor Pass NFTs. Mentors include many well-known names in tech, crypto, finance, social media, and other fields. There are ten variations of Member Passes, all of which grant the same access to Mentors, and are of equal rarity. Mentor Passes are only airdropped to a curated group of mentors.