CryptoBatz NFTs

CryptoBatz NFT Overview

Project Information

Led by world-famous rock star Ozzy Osbourne, the Cryptobatz are a collection of 9,666 unique NFTs created by Osbourne in partnership with Sutter Systems. In a unique spin on the popular breeding mechanisms of many projects, each Cryptobat will be given a one-time opportunity to "bite" another NFT, thereby combining the traits of the original Crpytobat and the chosen NFT to create a brand new Mutantbat. The projects available to be "bitten" are Bored Ape Yacht Club, CrypToadz, Sup Ducks, and Alien Frens.

Additional Cryptobatz utility will include exclusive access to the AncientBatz treasure hunt. These NFTs work similarly to the ordinary Cryptobatz in their biting and breeding abilities, however each AncientBat can breed up to 99 times. More details about the treasure hunt will be released after minting, with eventual hints and clues to help hunters in their efforts.

In February 2022, CryptoBatz opened its MutantBatz portal, allowing holders to bite a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Alien Frens, or RealSupDucks NFT to create a new NFT with traits from both projects. CrypToadz and CyberKongz followed in March 2022. 

On Mar. 24, 2022, CryptoBatz released its roadmap 2.0, which includes free-to-mint batcave NFTs, a metaverse concert, and original artwork from Ozzy Osbourne. 

In April 2022, CrytoBatz announced its creating free-to-mint Metaverse Batcave NFTs for all holders.