CryptoBirbs by Vodnik NFTs

CryptoBirbs by Vodnik NFT Overview

Project Information

CryptoBirbs is a collection of 2,000 pixelated bird NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was founded and created by pixel artist Vodnik. After admiring both Cyptoadz and CryptoDickbutts, Vodnik was inspired to combine his favorite attributes from both collections into new avatars. Ultimately, Vodnik created CryptoBirbs which features 150 different attributes, most of which are iconic and classic features from Cryptoadz and CryptoDickbutts, but also features a sprinkle of his own creations. Vodnik opted to release the collection under the CC0 license, just as the CryptoDickbutts and Cryptoadz collections were released. CryptoBirbs promises no utility nor any roadmap for future activations.