Cryptobots NFTs

Cryptobots NFT Overview

Project Information

Cryptobots is a unique collection of 10,000 bots that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Cryptobots is a play-to-earn game merged of two genres including a collectible RPG and space grand strategy.  Cryptobots claims to be the first play-to-earn game introduced on the blockchain in 2017, and the project is now featuring a relaunch under the Playneta Studio brand.  

Following the new Cryptobots launch, the team plans to roll out a public token sale in March of 2022, with gaming beta pipeline expected in late March to April.  The rest of the available roadmap also includes a marketplace, bot renting, and scholarships in the Cryptobots ecosystem.  
All holders of the 2017 Classic Collection will be able to exchange their classic Bots for the playable ones in addition to other bonuses.