CryptoDickButts Soaring After Musk Tweet

CryptoDickButts Soaring After Musk Tweet

An early morning tweet reply from Elon Musk has sent the floor price of popular meme project CryptoDickButts soaring today. In response to a tweet by @Neuro_Skeptic focused on the evolution of nude paintings throughout history, Musk responded with an image of what appeared to be a CryptoDickButt. Musk has over 112 million followers on Twitter.



The collection's floor price is already up around 1 ETH to 3.04 ETH in the first 30 minutes following the tweet, and there have been 40 sales on OpenSea over that same time period. Several NFT industry leaders have already reacted to Musk's tweet and the subsequent price action:



Musk's recent acquisition of Twitter sent Dogecoin on a similar run earlier this week as speculators bet on the currency's future integration into the platform.


More about CryptoDickButts

Cryptodickbutts S3 is a the third series of Cryptodickbutts, featuring a collection of 5,200 NFTs in a pixelated style. The first and second series of Cryptodickbutt NFTs contain 52 and 104 NFTs, respectively. The project was created as a joke and is intended to be fun and memetic. There is no roadmap and the team has promised no further utility with the exception of having fun with unique art. 

At the time of publish, the CryptoDickButts floor price sits at 2.26 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 13 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 15 sharp wallets have sold 16 NFTs and 5 sharp wallets have bought 7 NFTs in the CryptoDickButts collection. Catch up on other recent CryptoDickButts news here.

Recent CryptoDickButts Sales

#518sold at 11/30 12:11am for
#3675sold at 11/29 8:11pm for
#391sold at 11/29 7:11pm for
#2846sold at 11/29 7:11pm for
#5063sold at 11/29 5:11am for

Recent CryptoDickButts Listings

#1425listed at 11/30 1:11pm for
#1425listed at 11/30 1:11pm for
#518listed at 11/30 12:11pm for
#518listed at 11/30 12:11pm for
#2621listed at 11/30 12:11pm for
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