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CryptoDickButts Unveils Ownership Transfer
Logan Hitchcock

CryptoDickButts launched its Series 4, with a unique twist that hands over ownership to the individual or group with the most CryptoDickButts 30 days after minting.

The Deets

  • New series release with an ownership twist
  • The minting process continues until conditions are met
  • Ownership includes CDB Twitter, Discord server, all collections, multisig treasury spot, and other related assets
  • Further questions will be addressed in the Discord

The Bulk

CryptoDickButts is back with Series 4, introducing a fresh approach to project ownership that has caused some buzz in the NFT community. Unlike conventional releases, the minting of this series will continue until specific conditions are satisfied.

The spin in this release is the "passing of the torch" mechanism. Thirty days after the minting process concludes, ownership of the project transfers to the individual or group holding the most CryptoDickButts. This unprecedented move opens the door to a potential reshaping of the project's direction, putting real power into the hands of the community.

The stakes are high as the ownership package includes the CryptoDickButts Twitter account, Discord server, all collections, a spot in the multisig treasury, and other related assets. The project encourages interested parties to direct any questions to their Discord.

📊 By the Numbers

The calculation for ownership uses the following multipliers based on CryptoDickButt ownership:

  • S1: 5x
  • S2: 5x
  • S3: 2x
  • S4: 1x

🎤 Community Quotes


This is the best mint i've ever experiencedEthDapps

🔜 What's Next?

Over the next month, collectors will compete to accumulate the most CryptoDickButts in order to take control of the project.

CryptoDickButts Unveils Ownership Transfer
Coming on Monday: Meme Card #69. Nice
Julian Son

6529 Collections announced that Monday's drop is from @6529er and called "Prof. C. Richard Butt".

❗ Why it Matters

The Memes by 6529 has been one of the busiest ecosystems in 2023, and Meme Card #69 card is an amusing addition to the series. 

🧠 Need to Know

  • The edition size is 690, and mint price will be 0.06529 ETH
  • 116 out of 690 have already been airdropped to the 6529 team and the artist
  • 75 out of 690 have also been airdropped: 1 to Cath Simard, 69 to randomly picked Authentic Summer (Meme Card #25) HODLers, and 5 to random Gradient HODLers
  • There is a 2-stage allowlist minting process.
    • Phase 1: 420 @CryptoDickbutts HODLers are allowlisted, as well as the Top 690 Meme Card HODLers from both seasons (ranked by unique cards) that weren't included in the airdrop
    • Phase 2: If anything remains after Phase 1, there will be a chance for the next Top 420 Memes HODLers not included above

📅 Prepare for the Drop




Coming on Monday: Meme Card #69. Nice
CryptoDickButts Soaring After Musk Tweet
Bill Monighetti

An early morning tweet reply from Elon Musk has sent the floor price of popular meme project CryptoDickButts soaring today. In response to a tweet by @Neuro_Skeptic focused on the evolution of nude paintings throughout history, Musk responded with an image of what appeared to be a CryptoDickButt. Musk has over 112 million followers on Twitter.



The collection's floor price is already up around 1 ETH to 3.04 ETH in the first 30 minutes following the tweet, and there have been 40 sales on OpenSea over that same time period. Several NFT industry leaders have already reacted to Musk's tweet and the subsequent price action:



Musk's recent acquisition of Twitter sent Dogecoin on a similar run earlier this week as speculators bet on the currency's future integration into the platform.


CryptoDickButts Soaring After Musk Tweet
CryptoDickbutts Art Moves to The Chain
Staff Writer

CryptoDickbutts, a notable CC0 meme project popularized within the NFT community, announced that its art is now permanently on-chain in a recent tweet.

The team credited Twitter user @wattsyart for helping make this happen.

On-chain means that as long as the Ethereum blockchain continues to run, the artwork for CryptoDickbutts will forever exist. Whereas beforehand the art for the project was hosted on a server where if the server stopped functioning or the project ceased paying to host their art, the image of the project would cease to exist. 

The team posted the transaction that marked the beginning of CryptoDickbutts' permanent residence on the blockchain.

CryptoDickbutts Art Moves to The Chain
CryptoDickButts Getting Worldwide Webb Land Utility
Logan Hitchcock

Largely lauded for its lack of utility, CryptoDickButt NFTs are gaining some with the project's integration with Worldwide Webb Land. 

The unofficial Twitter account for the CC0 project tweeted out a teaser video showcasing CryptoDickButt NFTs navigating through the Worldwide Webb Land metaverse. 

As part of the integration, all CryptoDickButt NFT owners will be able to user their NFT as an avatar and character in the Worldwide Webb Land metaverse.

Although the integration is not a major achievement and follows that of many other NFT projects, it ensures that the CryptoDickButt memes will live on in the metaverse. 

CryptoDickButts Getting Worldwide Webb Land Utility
Profitable Wallets Exiting CryptoDickButts and Its Derivatives
Staff Writer

Profitable wallets are exiting the following projects, possibly signaling a local top for CryptoDickButts and its derivatives.

In the past 24 hours, the top 4 net losers of sharp wallets (those that have made more than 50 ETH trading) are:

  • Acrocalypse (minus-101 sharp wallets, 0.139 ETH floor price)
  • CryptoTitVags (minus-81, 0.1 ETH)
  • CryptoDickButts (minus-42, 3.869 ETH)
  • WVRPS by WarpSound (-40, 0.119 ETH)

Projects that have seen a significant reduction (a net loss of more than 75) in profitable wallet reductions over the past seven days have seen their floor price decrease by an average of 17 percent. Only Potatoz (1.44 ETH) and Wolf Game Land are up over that same period, though Potatoz is down from its all-time high floor price of 1.68 ETH from Aug. 6.

CryptoDickButts has seen a surge in buying in the past week with more than 1,200 ETH in volume.

Profitable Wallets Exiting CryptoDickButts and Its Derivatives
CryptoDickButts Price Surges 54%
Logan Hitchcock

The CryptoDickButts price has surged 54 percent to 3.42 ETH, amidst a spree of buying on Sunday, aided by a sweep of 17 CryptoDickButt NFTs at 5:40 p.m. ET. 

The collection leads all CC0 collections in the last week and has climbed to third overall in today's volume charts, according to our project rankings page.

Today's 148 unique sales on OpenSea mark the highest for the collection since it posted 103 unique sales on July 20. 

CryptoDickButts Price Surges 54%