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CryptoDickButts Unveils Ownership Transfer
Logan Hitchcock

CryptoDickButts launched its Series 4, with a unique twist that hands over ownership to the individual or group with the most CryptoDickButts 30 days after minting.

The Deets

  • New series release with an ownership twist
  • The minting process continues until conditions are met
  • Ownership includes CDB Twitter, Discord server, all collections, multisig treasury spot, and other related assets
  • Further questions will be addressed in the Discord

The Bulk

CryptoDickButts is back with Series 4, introducing a fresh approach to project ownership that has caused some buzz in the NFT community. Unlike conventional releases, the minting of this series will continue until specific conditions are satisfied.

The spin in this release is the "passing of the torch" mechanism. Thirty days after the minting process concludes, ownership of the project transfers to the individual or group holding the most CryptoDickButts. This unprecedented move opens the door to a potential reshaping of the project's direction, putting real power into the hands of the community.

The stakes are high as the ownership package includes the CryptoDickButts Twitter account, Discord server, all collections, a spot in the multisig treasury, and other related assets. The project encourages interested parties to direct any questions to their Discord.

๐Ÿ“Š By the Numbers

The calculation for ownership uses the following multipliers based on CryptoDickButt ownership:

  • S1: 5x
  • S2: 5x
  • S3: 2x
  • S4: 1x

๐ŸŽค Community Quotes


This is the best mint i've ever experiencedEthDapps

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

Over the next month, collectors will compete to accumulate the most CryptoDickButts in order to take control of the project.

CryptoDickButts Unveils Ownership Transfer