CryptoKitties Founder Cat Sells for Nearly $100,000

CryptoKitties Founder Cat Sells for Nearly $100,000

CryptoKitties, a cat breeding NFT project created in 2017, saw its volume spike today after a Founder cat (Kobe #24) sold for 72 ETH, or slightly more than $88,000, today.

The seller, ZeyuC_ETH received the NFT from a transfer two years ago. The transferer bought the NFT for 50 ETH five years ago. The buyer is DukeOfEther.

There are only 100 Founder cats in the entire collection. These NFTs all come with stories.

"What's up," the description reads. "I'm Kobe. I believe the world is flat. My secret indulgence is steak. In time you'll learn how purrfect I am."

The cheaper Founder cat for sale right now is #92 at 42.539 ETH. There are only three cats listed under 100 ETH. It currently costs 2.909 to breed with Founder cat #46, the lowest available on CryptoKitties official website.

CryptoKitties was developed by Dapper Labs, which is now responsible for digital sports card companies NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, UFC Strike, and more.

More about CryptoKitties

At the time of publish, the CryptoKitties floor price sits at 0.001 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 0 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 1 sharp wallets have sold 1 NFTs and 2 sharp wallets have bought 6 NFTs in the CryptoKitties collection. Catch up on other recent CryptoKitties news here.

Recent CryptoKitties Sales

#1157041sold at 12/06 10:12pm for
#705772sold at 12/06 10:12pm for
#1839999sold at 12/06 9:12pm for
#1392661sold at 12/06 9:12pm for
#1973922sold at 12/06 9:12pm for

Recent CryptoKitties Listings

#360226listed at 12/07 3:12am for
#335034listed at 12/07 3:12am for
#1779859listed at 12/07 2:12am for
#1779859listed at 12/07 2:12am for
#1727083listed at 12/07 2:12am for
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