Cryptoon Goonz NFTs

Cryptoon Goonz NFT Overview

Project Information

Cryptoon Goonz is a unique collection of 6,969 goon NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Cryptoon Goonz consists of eight properties of varying rarities, from common to ULTRA rare. Crytoon Goonz holders have full ownership of their Goon including commercial rights. Cryptoon Goon holders get membership to the DAO and will provide exclusive benefits like: first access to future drops, DAO member only areas in Discord, DAO voting rights, and promotions.

The founder of Cryptoon Goonz @SeanTat2s is the project artist and visionary. Outside of Cryptoon Goonz, Sean is a talented tattoo artist. Other prominent members of the Cryptoon Goonz team include a talented team consisting of co-founder Joel, project manager Ryan Hodge, and lead enGOONeer Jesse Friedland

The Cryptoon Goonz roadmap 2.0 centers around the Goonz portal developed by @theincubator_ and led by @MacNCheeasy. Goonz NFTs can enter the portal and come out completely different. Whenever a Goonz NFT enters the portal the original goon NFT gets locked up (but not burned). But the goon NFT can step back out of the portal and back to its original form. So the whole goonz portal transformation process is reversible. This means that portal goonz won’t dilute the overall collection as there’s always going to be 6,969 Goonz and holders can choose when and where to rep the Goon they prefer.

On Mar. 16, Cryptoon Goonz announced a partnership with @nametagtweets, allowing each Cryptoon Goonz NFT holder to claim a free nametag, a web3 registered username.