Goonz, Deeze Collab on Mint and Toy

Goonz, Deeze Collab on Mint and Toy
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Goonz and NFT personality Deeze are collaborating on Burnt Boy, launching tomorrow on Magic Eden. 

The Deets

  • Exclusive Magic Eden Drop: First-ever art toy in Goonz World
  • Pricing: Set at 0.06 ETH with free worldwide shipping
  • Unique Offer: Mint one of five original DeeZe art pieces to redeem a physical toy and a surprise gift
  • Special Gifts: Each toy redemption includes a DeeZe x Goonz hand-painted canvas or a 12" hand-painted statue by GoatCloak

The Bulk

The Burnt Boy collection marks a collaboration between web3 personality DeeZe and the Goonz. Scheduled to drop on Friday at noon EST on Magic Eden, this collection introduces a fusion of digital and physical art.

Collectors first can mint one of five exclusive DeeZe original art pieces for 0.06 ETH. Upon burning the digital art, collectors will receive a physical art toy and one surprise gift, either a hand-painted canvas or a 12" statue created by GoatCloak.

The physical toys are intricately designed, standing at 4 inches and made of soft vinyl. They feature detachable parts like a hood, flame, glasses, and pipe, adding an interactive dimension to the collectibles. 

Early adopters and Cryptoon Goonz holders who mint within the first 24 hours and hold a Goon in their wallet are eligible for a special drawing as well. Prizes include a limited edition Goonz Sketch (No. 25/140) or a Cryptoon Goon (No. 5265). The odds of winning double with each additional art piece minted, increasing the incentive for multiple purchases.

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