Cryptoon Goonz Drops New Merch, Juicy Goon NFT Airdrop for Buyers

Cryptoon Goonz Drops New Merch, Juicy Goon NFT Airdrop for Buyers
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Cryptoon Goonz is releasing its "limited drop, unlimited drip" Food Fight merchandise following the project's Bored & Hungry IRL (in-real-life) event with Mindblowon Universe.

"We popped up shop at Bored & Hungry with Mindblowon Universe and brought the happy meal to the Gooniverse," the team wrote on Twitter. "Founder, Sean, was there to meet everyone."

For those that attended the event, the merchandise was already available, and attendees live minted the Juicy Goon NFT with their in-store purchases. But Cryptoon Goonz didn't forget about the rest of their family.

"If you made it to Long Beach, you could pick your gear for the fight early," the team continues. "But not everyone can make it to events, so we're bringing the Goon Meal toy to you."

This new Food Fight merchandise drop will include two holder-exclusive items: the Happy Meal hoodie and the Goonz Juice crewneck. Purchasers will receive the Juicy Goon NFT.

The collection also includes a Glizzy Chef long sleeve t-shirt, a Goonz Juice t-shirt, two Juice bucket hats (crimson and lavender colors), and two Goonler hats (black and orange colors).

The drip drop goes live on Friday, Sep. 30, at 12 p.m. ET. Access the store here.

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