First-Ever Cryptoon Goonz 'Goonz Stash' Vote Is Now Live

First-Ever Cryptoon Goonz 'Goonz Stash' Vote Is Now Live
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Cryptoon Goonz's first-ever community "Goonz Stash" proposal vote is now live. Each Cryptoon Goonz NFT equals one vote.

The proposal, which can be voted on here, wants to create special branding and a call-to-action for a potential LinkNYC digital kiosk advertisement in New York City. The advertisement would last one day and be shown 15 times. It would cost $12,000.

This is related to the upcoming partnership that Cryptoon Goonz has with Urban Outfitters to distribute its merchandise during NFT NYC at the end of June. 

"We all know how great our Goonz community is, but the rest of the world may still have no idea - and NFT NYC week is where we can help change that," the proposal reads. "We have the opportunity to further capitalize on the amazing work/partnerships that the team has executed - and OOH can help us bring Goonz to the street of New York."

"This proposal is being created to best complement any other marketing initiatives for the [Urban Outfitters] launch on [Jun. 20] - driving people to [the Urban Outfitters] store in real time," the proposal continues. "More importantly, we will be using digital OOH to help spark Goonz curiosity - not just for the [Urban Outfitters] launch, but also for NFT NYC attendees that may be in town (and nearby)."

Read the full proposal here.

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