Video: Cryptoon Goonz Shows Off Urban Outfitters Store Takeover

Video: Cryptoon Goonz Shows Off Urban Outfitters Store Takeover
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Cryptoon Goonz released a video on YouTube today showcasing the team's Urban Outfitters store takeover in Herald Square during NFT NYC last week.

The video recaps the team's panel discussion with Austin Marchese (moderator), Chris Lee (The Incubator), Nicole Sandford (IYK), Drew Soup (Shopify), and Jesse Friedland (Cryptoon Goonz).

The topics of conversation include: what is web3, NFTs changing ownership models, founding a company in the web3 space, building in web3 at Shopify, the benefits of NFT technology, NFTs impact on clothing and apparel, managing community treasuries, the Cryptoon Goonz and Urban Outfitters partnership, wearable NFTs, the utility of NFTs, the challenges of being a web3 founder, the hesitation of major brands to enter the NFT space, how NFTs can become more mainstream, building in a bear market, and more.

To watch the full vide on YouTube, click here.

Cryptoon Goonz confirmed its partnership with Urban Outfitters back in April 2022. The team had one exclusive, in-store-only merchandise offering at the event. Read more here.

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