CryptoPunks Sees 270% Increase in Total Volume This Week

CryptoPunks Sees 270% Increase in Total Volume This Week
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CryptoPunks, the longest reigning high-end NFT pfp project, saw an uptick of 270 percent this week in total volume traded, according to Lucky Trader's NFT Volume.

In the last seven days, CryptoPunks traded 7,750 ETH worth of NFTs across 55 sales. Sales are also up nearly 100 percent this week.

The CryptoPunks' floor price, however, is only up 1.56 percent over the last week to 64.95 ETH. This now trails Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), the highest-priced NFT pfp project available, by more than 18 ETH. Over the same time span, BAYC has seen 3,094 ETH in total volume traded (+4%) across 34 sales (-3%).

CryptoPunks volume was bolstered by a 3,300 ETH sale of Punk #2924, which has both the ape and hoodie traits. This recent sale marks the fourth highest all-time in ETH and ninth highest all-time in USD ($4.45 million). 

At the end of August, CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club were neck and neck for first place in pfp NFT floor price. For both, it has been a steep fall from bull run highs. CryptoPunks reached more than 120 ETH per NFT, and BAYC saw a floor price rocket past 100 ETH all the way to 150+ ETH earlier in 2022.

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