Cryptoshack Club NFTs

Cryptoshack Club NFT Overview

Project Information

Cryptoshack is a play-to-earn golf game featuring 7200 fun-loving NFT characters on the Ethereum blockchain.  Within the collection, there are 4700 Gophers, 2350 Caddies, and 150 Golden Gophers. Each of the 150 Golden Gophers can be burned to evolve into a Member, 18 of which will become Legendary Members. Gophers are able to participate in scavenger hunts and various quests within the Underground to earn $ETH and $WRLD token. Caddies can participate in play to earn mini-games to earn $WRLD, as well as have access to the Shack where all Caddies can socialize. Members will receive airdrops that include equipment, gear, and some very high ticket items.