Crypto Unicorns NFTs

Crypto Unicorns NFT Overview

Project Information

Crypto Unicorns is a collection of 10,000 Genesis Eggs created by Laguna Games that live on the Polygon Blockchain. Each Unicorn can only be bred up to eight times, which will be further deflated overtime with the introduction of a future burn mechanism.

The Crypto Unicorns team is in development of gameplay in which holders interact in a farming simulation. The gameplay will also allow for jousting, racing, and a team RPG. The current gameplay system launch is scheduled for February, 2022.

Crypto Unicorns received $5 Million in funding in October 2021.  "The seed round was led by Bitkraft Ventures and Delphi Digital, as well as Transcend Fund, Headline Ventures, and Polygon Studios. The funding will go towards building Crypto Unicorns and a future portfolio of other games" (VentureBeat).