CryptoWolvesClub NFTs

CryptoWolvesClub NFT Overview

Project Information

Crypto Wolves Club is a collection of 11,111 wolf NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The wolves are distributed in three consecutive drops where buyers can mint a wolf for .07 ETH. Within the set, there are 11 hand-drawn Legendary wolves who are added to the Council of Wolves, which will decide on the future plans for the pack. The founder of the project and the eleventh Legendary wolf will never be revealed because the team says it would "shock the world of crypto and NFTs".

Owners of the first five Legendary wolves will be awarded 3 ETH, while the remaining five will be raffled off to members who have been active in supporting the project. After 100% mint, the top collector will be rewarded with 100 ETH one month after sellout.

There will be a breeding component with Female Wolves Maiden being introduced after the sellout. By owning both male wolves and their female counterpart, a wolf cub will be airdropped to every wolf couple.