Cyber Bandits by Michael Reeder NFTs

Cyber Bandits by Michael Reeder NFT Overview

Project Information

Cyber Bandits is a unique collection of 5,000 NFTs created by Michael Reeder (@reeder_one) that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Michael Reeder is an Urban Contemporary artist from Dallas, TX, who utilizes various techniques and mediums not combined in a traditional painting as a foundation for his artistic vision.  Not only has Reeder been recognized nationally and internationally in numerous publications, but also collaborated with brands such as Cruz Skateboards, New Balance, and Specialized Bicycles.

The main focus of Cyber Bandits is to bridge Reeder’s physical painting style over to the generative pfp world of NFTs.  By utilizing clippings from actual physical paintings and digitally rendered elements, Reeder has built a catalog of imagery to specifically run through a generator in order to create the Cyber Bandits.

Any holder who acquires ten Cyber Bandits by August 17, 2022, will receive a print pass to have a single, 20”x 20”, signed, and numbered digital archival print made of a Cyber Bandit from their collection.