CyberBrokers Adds Security Support From Delegate Cash

CyberBrokers Adds Security Support From Delegate Cash
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CyberBrokers now supports Delegate Cash, a decentralized registry intended to protect digital assets and NFTs from scams and hacks.

"Keep your vaulted NFTs safe," the platforms official website,, reads. "Claim airdrops, prove ownership, and more from your hot wallet."

CyberBrokers can now be stored in a cold wallet but access the utility those assets offer through a delegated hot wallet.

"Delegate Cash is a decentralized registry (smart contract) that stores hot/cold wallet associations on-chain," the CyberBrokers' team wrote on Twitter. "This allows you to use the utility of your assets safely from a hot wallet, without your cold wallet assets being at risk."

The team is also transitioning to Delegate Cash support for token-gated access to its Discord.

Delegate Cash currently has partnerships with Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult, Art Blocks, Invisible Friends, PunksClub, and more.

For more information about the partnership, see CyberBrokers full article here.

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