CyberBrokers Mech Reveal Live Now
Julian Son

The CyberBrokers Mech reveal is now live on Pretty's, a "mech looter and digital fence" that is part of the CyberBrokers ecosystem.

🔎 How to Reveal

  1. Go to Pretty's -
  2. Connect your wallet that contains your unrevealed TPL Mech Parts
  3. You can choose which Parts to reveal, all at once or in batches (which will save gas to bulk-reveal)
  4. During the Reveal process, unrevealed TPL Mech Parts (ERC-1115) will be burned for Revealed Parts (ERC-721)
  5. Revealed Mech Parts will be in one of 50 possible Styles. View all the possible options on the Mech Styles page

❗ Why It Matters

The Mech Reveal is the first step for the projecting acting on its roadmap item related to Mech utility, and following the reveal, holders will be able to begin assembling fully rigged Mech NFTs in February. 

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CyberBrokers Mech Reveal Live Now
CyberBrokers Shares Details on Mechs Reveal, Assembly
Logan Hitchcock

CyberBrokers provided holders with an updated and detailed thread about the reveal and assembly of Mechs on Wednesday afternoon. 

Individual Mech parts, which have been supplied as quest rewards and more, will allow users to assemble full Mech NFTs, as detailed in the roadmap update provided by CyberBrokers in October. 

These individual pieces can be purchased on secondary markets, but any remaining available claims for CyberBroker holders and quest participants must be claimed by 1:00 a.m. ET on Sunday, Jan. 1. 

After that time, the project will start acting on its roadmap items related to Mech utility, starting with the Mechs reveal which will take place in January. Following the reveal, holders will be able to begin assembling fully rigged Mech NFTs in February. 

To assemble a fully rigged Mech, the holder will need to collect and reveal the following parts:

  • 1 Mech Engine
  • 1 Mech Body
  • 2 Mech Arms
  • 1 Mech Head
  • 1 Mech Leg
  • 1 Afterglow

After assembly, users will mint a brand new ERC-721 fully rigged Mech, which comes ready with downloadable files that enable interoperability of the Mechs NFT. 

More details about the reveal and assembly process can be found in the project's full primer.

CyberBrokers Shares Details on Mechs Reveal, Assembly
CyberBrokers Community Project Mint Live
Staff Writer

A community project of Twitter banners based on the CyberBrokers NFT project is minting now on its website.

Lost Paradigms, a 10,001-edition project, is free to mint for all CyberBrokers holders. Allow list spots are 0.0222 ETH to mint and the public sale price is 0.0333 ETH.

The artists for the project are @visual_swim and @GabrielisOnline.

CyberBrokers Community Project Mint Live
CyberBrokers Adds Security Support From Delegate Cash
Jason Bales

CyberBrokers now supports Delegate Cash, a decentralized registry intended to protect digital assets and NFTs from scams and hacks.

"Keep your vaulted NFTs safe," the platforms official website,, reads. "Claim airdrops, prove ownership, and more from your hot wallet."

CyberBrokers can now be stored in a cold wallet but access the utility those assets offer through a delegated hot wallet.

"Delegate Cash is a decentralized registry (smart contract) that stores hot/cold wallet associations on-chain," the CyberBrokers' team wrote on Twitter. "This allows you to use the utility of your assets safely from a hot wallet, without your cold wallet assets being at risk."

The team is also transitioning to Delegate Cash support for token-gated access to its Discord.

Delegate Cash currently has partnerships with Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult, Art Blocks, Invisible Friends, PunksClub, and more.

For more information about the partnership, see CyberBrokers full article here.

CyberBrokers Adds Security Support From Delegate Cash
CyberBrokers Tease 'Core' Announcement

Cyberbrokers teased a cryptic announcement on Friday, with 'CyberBrokers Core' coming on Nov. 21.

Expand your reality🌐

CyberBrokers Core, coming November 21st.

— CyberBrokers (@CyberBrokers_) November 18, 2022

The on-chain project from artist Josie Bellini recently airdropped Afterglow Modules, the final piece required for 'mechs' that will be needed for quests and crafting within next season's ecosystem. 

CyberBrokers currently hold a 0.72 ETH floor price.

CyberBrokers Tease 'Core' Announcement
Josie Bellini Giving Away CryptoPunk In NFTBoxes Collaboration

Josie Bellini is giving away CryptoPunk #9964 in collaboration with NFTBoxes, the artist announced on Thursday.

The digital artist and founder of CyberBrokers is the headline of the current NFTBoxes drop, a monthly subscription of curated NFTs founded by prolific collector Pranksy

Five token IDs from the 500-piece collection featured in the NFTBoxes will be randomly selected each day for 100 days, with a small portion 'unlocking special prizes' — including Bellini's art, CyberBrokers NFTs, and CryptoPunk #9964.

More information about the drop and giveaways is available on the artist's blog.


Josie Bellini Giving Away CryptoPunk In NFTBoxes Collaboration
CyberBrokers Afterglow Module Claim Open

CyberBrokers Quest #6 rewards are now available to claim, the project announced via Twitter.

'Afterglow Modules' are the last part required to craft mechs, which "will be needed to play next season’s Quests and participate in a new crafting ecosystem". 

Holders of a CyberBroker or Lupis Model Mecha Arm at the time of the snapshot (2 PM ET on Oct. 24) can now claim the reward via the project's website.  

The full breakdown of Quest #6, including solutions, lore, and claim information, was released via the CyberBrokers Newsletter.

CyberBrokers Afterglow Module Claim Open


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