CyberBrokers Shares Details on Mechs Reveal, Assembly

CyberBrokers Shares Details on Mechs Reveal, Assembly
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CyberBrokers provided holders with an updated and detailed thread about the reveal and assembly of Mechs on Wednesday afternoon. 

Individual Mech parts, which have been supplied as quest rewards and more, will allow users to assemble full Mech NFTs, as detailed in the roadmap update provided by CyberBrokers in October. 

These individual pieces can be purchased on secondary markets, but any remaining available claims for CyberBroker holders and quest participants must be claimed by 1:00 a.m. ET on Sunday, Jan. 1. 

After that time, the project will start acting on its roadmap items related to Mech utility, starting with the Mechs reveal which will take place in January. Following the reveal, holders will be able to begin assembling fully rigged Mech NFTs in February. 

To assemble a fully rigged Mech, the holder will need to collect and reveal the following parts:

  • 1 Mech Engine
  • 1 Mech Body
  • 2 Mech Arms
  • 1 Mech Head
  • 1 Mech Leg
  • 1 Afterglow

After assembly, users will mint a brand new ERC-721 fully rigged Mech, which comes ready with downloadable files that enable interoperability of the Mechs NFT. 

More details about the reveal and assembly process can be found in the project's full primer.

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