CyberBrokers Releases First Roadmap

CyberBrokers Releases First Roadmap
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Cyberbrokers, the NFT project headlined by popular artist Josie Bellini, announced its first-ever NFT roadmap via Twitter this morning. 

The collection of 10,000 NFTs has been steadily building community via quests and lore throughout the last seven months, and the project aims to double down on those commitments in the future. 

As outlined in the announcement post written by Bellini, the CyberBrokers collection has three core pillars: Content, Collectibles, and Experiences. 

To date, the project has created 13 chapters of lore, ARG-style quests for community members, and more than 70,000 collectible NFTs oftentimes provided as rewards for quest participation and completion. 

What's Coming? 

Though the team has already established itself amongst NFT PFP projects (ranked 30 in the Lucky Trader PFP rankings), more is on the horizon.

CyberBrokers Core

First and foremost, the project is building a socially interactive website, CyberBrokers Core. 

"Traditionally, most websites are pretty static and boring, with no real reason to keep coming back. But we decided to flip that premise on its head and go full CyberBrokers," says Bellini. Though no formal details are shared regarding the eventual unveiling, a full blog post is expected soon. 

Lore Expansion

Though the project has already released at least 13 chapters of lore to its community, more world-building is coming. The next season of lore will be hyper-focused on character building, allowing for narrative spinoffs in the future. 

Tech Innovation 

After tackling the ambitious task of putting the entire collection on-chain, the CyberBrokers team will continue to innovate heavily using unfolding and innovative technology stacks. 

The new technology is expected to result in many outputs, but could result in things like "filters, animations, marketing and gaming activations, fashion, and more."

Questing Advancements

Quests have been an active part of community building for the CyberBrokers collection, and even more quests are coming soon. 

In the near future, Quests will be established more frequently and with additional wrinkles, allowing users to collect resources, craft items, and more. 

While many of the other detailed roadmap items do not contain an expected delivery date, the questing advancements are expected via a minium viable product as soon as Q1 2023. 

Mech Utility and Assembly 

More than 70,000 "mech" NFTs have been collectible by participants in the CyberBrokers' ecosystem. Soon those participants will be able to utilize the mech parts more frequently, undertaking tasks like building a full mech by assembling individual parts, and more. 


Last but not least, Drifters - a human component of the CyberBrokers ecosystem - will eventually be available for purchase via the CyberBrokers Core website. No timetable is provided, but the Drifter NFTs are expected to provide a different entry point into the CyberBrokers ecosystem. 

Even more details and a full set of FAQs are available in the project's official announcement blog

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