Top 25 PFP NFT Power Rankings

Check out the latest Top 25 PFP power rankings from Lucky Trader. Learn more about the PFP Power Rankings


What are PFP NFTs?

Profile Picture NFT projects

PFP NFTs are simply profile picture NFT projects where the NFTs are typically used as a person’s avatar on popular social media sites. PFP NFTs are often used by project owners to show off their more high-value NFTs (think Bored Apes or Cryptopunks) or whatever new projects are popular at the time.

In January 2022, Twitter began validating users PFP NFTs through OpenSea connection, giving verified holders of a project a unique hexagonal border to their profile picture. 

How are Lucky Trader NFT Power Rankings rankings calculated?

Rankings are calculated using a proprietary formula we’ve created at Lucky Trader based on our team of experts’ opinions. The Lucky Trader NFT Power Rankings leverages publicly available data (floor price, circulation) as well as a proprietary algorithm to calculate historical relevance to the greater NFT space.

How often are the Lucky Trader NFT Power Rankings rankings updated?

Rankings are updated in near real time to include the most up-to-date trading information and floor price.

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