Top 25 CC0 NFT Power Rankings

Check out the latest Top 25 CC0 power rankings from Lucky Trader. Learn more about the cc0 Power Rankings


What are CC0 NFTs?

NFTs with creative commons use agreements

“Creative commons” is nothing new to the internet and functions similarly with CC0 NFTs. Typically a CC0 NFT is open for general use in the public domain and the creator has waived legal rights to any copyright claims. In the real world this usually means an image can be used for most purposes; in the NFT world this usually leads to other artists leveraging the original NFT artwork into other NFT or similar projects.

How are Lucky Trader NFT Power Rankings rankings calculated?

Rankings are calculated using a proprietary formula we’ve created at Lucky Trader based on our team of experts’ opinions. The Lucky Trader NFT Power Rankings leverages publicly available data (floor price, circulation) as well as a proprietary algorithm to calculate historical relevance to the greater NFT space.

How often are the Lucky Trader NFT Power Rankings rankings updated?

Rankings are updated in near real time to include the most up-to-date trading information and floor price.

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