Top 25 Companion NFT Power Rankings

Check out the latest Top 25 Companion power rankings from Lucky Trader. Learn more about the Companion Power Rankings


What are Companion NFTs?

Secondary NFT collections that are airdropped to holders of a primary NFT collection

Companion NFTs  are collections that are typically either air-dropped or distributed in mints exclusive to holders of a larger, more popular parent NFT. These NFT projects are usually closely related to the parent project and usually offer a different spin on the same theme as the larger collection. The most notable examples include Mutant Ape Yacht Club and Moonbirds.

How are Lucky Trader NFT Power Rankings rankings calculated?

Rankings are calculated using a proprietary formula we’ve created at Lucky Trader based on our team of experts’ opinions. The Lucky Trader NFT Power Rankings leverages publicly available data (floor price, circulation) as well as a proprietary algorithm to calculate historical relevance to the greater NFT space.

How often are the Lucky Trader NFT Power Rankings rankings updated?

Rankings are updated in near real time to include the most up-to-date trading information and floor price.

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