CyberBrokers Mech Reveal Live Now

CyberBrokers Mech Reveal Live Now
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The CyberBrokers Mech reveal is now live on Pretty's, a "mech looter and digital fence" that is part of the CyberBrokers ecosystem.

🔎 How to Reveal

  1. Go to Pretty's -
  2. Connect your wallet that contains your unrevealed TPL Mech Parts
  3. You can choose which Parts to reveal, all at once or in batches (which will save gas to bulk-reveal)
  4. During the Reveal process, unrevealed TPL Mech Parts (ERC-1115) will be burned for Revealed Parts (ERC-721)
  5. Revealed Mech Parts will be in one of 50 possible Styles. View all the possible options on the Mech Styles page

❗ Why It Matters

The Mech Reveal is the first step for the projecting acting on its roadmap item related to Mech utility, and following the reveal, holders will be able to begin assembling fully rigged Mech NFTs in February. 

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