CyberBrokers Unveils Version Beta Missions

CyberBrokers Unveils Version Beta Missions
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CyberBrokers unveiled its Version Beta Missions, introducing competitive faction gameplay in the unexplored realms of Paradigm Lost.

The Deets

  • Faction-based gameplay: Join one of the three factions and take part in weekly missions
  • Eligibility: Must be a CyberBroker or Genesis Mech holder, or hold an NFT from one of the listed partner collections
  • Mission Updates: New missions posted every Monday at 11:00 a.m. ET in the CyberBrokers Discord
  • Rewards: Excavate secrets, earn rewards, and secure your faction's claim on a Beta World

The Bulk

CyberBrokers has launched a new era of interactive gameplay with the release of Version Beta Missions. As a member of one of three unique factions, players can delve into uncharted territories within Paradigm Lost, uncovering secrets and competing for supremacy.

Participants must hold a CyberBroker, Genesis Mech, or an NFT from an array of partner collections, including CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, and others. After verifying their NFT holdings in the CyberBrokers Discord, players can choose their faction and embark on weekly missions, which are updated every Monday at 11:00 a.m. ET. 

The competition will be fierce as players collaborate with their fellow faction members to outperform rival factions. The winning faction will be the first to stake its claim on a new Beta World.

🎬 Take Action

Looking to join the faction wars? Start by verifying your CyberBroker, Genesis Mech, or partner NFT in the CyberBrokers Discord using the /cb-verify command. Choose your faction, set up your Paradigm Bracer, and get ready to embark on your first mission.

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