CyberBrokers Mech Assembly Is Live

CyberBrokers Mech Assembly Is Live
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CyberBrokers announced that the Mech Assembly, a web-based, immersive creation process where users can create their own personalized Mech, is now live.

The Details

  • CyberBrokers Genesis Mechs are the creation of cryptoartist Josie Bellini.
  • The journey to this point began with a series of six web-based community puzzle-solving events called "Quests," held monthly from April to October 2022. Participants collected up to 70,000 mech part NFTs, which they can now use to assemble, customize, and mint their personalized Mechs.
  • There are over 17.5 billion possible Mech configurations, with numerous customization options available:
    • Select the Parts you'd like to use to build your Mech.
    • Use the Color Picker to customize your Mech with any color. Click on the Mech Part you’d like to change the color of and select the hue.
    • Personalize a Mech by selecting a unique name from thousands of possible name combos.

❗ Why It Matters

The Mech Assembly platform offers users the ability to create unique, downloadable Cyberbrokers Genesis Mechs that set a new standard in interoperability and showcase the growing potential of NFTs in the open metaverse. Once a Genesis Mech is assembled or purchased, users can use their 3D asset to engage in diverse applications across animation, XR, and gaming.

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