CyberBrokers Casting Call for New Lore Developments

CyberBrokers Casting Call for New Lore Developments

CyberBrokers is looking to add a few new characters to its lore via a CyberBrokers Casting Call for NFT holders.

The CyberBrokers' team is currently looking for Enforcers and Astronomers, two of the project's "talent" traits.

To cast your Enforcer or Astronomer CyberBrokers character, post an image of your NFT on Twitter with the hashtag #BrokerAudition. Optionally, you can share any lore or details you've already created for your character. 

"This could be as simple as where they live or their hobbies but could also be a detailed overview of their personality and history," the team said. "Please note that when submitting your Broker, our writers will have creative discretion and cannot guarantee that any of your lore will be used."

The CyberBrokers' team will then review all of the submissions and chose the best candidates for their new lore.

There are 41 total Astronomer and 294 total Enforcer CyberBrokers NFTs. The floor price is 1.7 ETH on Enforcers and 8.66 ETH on Astronomers.

More about CyberBrokers

Created by @josiebellini, CyberBrokers is a collection of 10,001 NFT collectibles that provide membership and access to different kinds of metaversal experiences. Previously in finance, Josie left that world to join the cultural revolution of crypto. She has been creating art that tells the story of the crypto ecosystem since 2017. Josie's work has been sold at Christie's and Sotheby's, featured on, and sells on OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, and Async Art.

At the time of publish, the CyberBrokers floor price sits at 0.9 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 8 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, 1 sharp wallets have sold 1 NFTs and 1 sharp wallets have bought 1 NFTs in the CyberBrokers collection. Catch up on other recent CyberBrokers news here.

Recent CyberBrokers Sales

#2234sold at 12/03 6:12am for
#1796sold at 12/03 6:12am for
#8114sold at 12/03 6:12am for
#8554sold at 12/03 6:12am for
#1025sold at 12/02 3:12pm for

Recent CyberBrokers Listings

#4886listed at 12/03 8:12am for
#4886listed at 12/03 8:12am for
#2884listed at 12/03 7:12am for
#2884listed at 12/03 7:12am for
#7878listed at 12/03 7:12am for
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