CyberBrokers Posts Waitlist for Physical Prints

CyberBrokers Posts Waitlist for Physical Prints

CyberBrokers is offering physical prints of its NFTs through a waitlist, the project announced on Twitter Saturday.

Each artwork is on a "high-quality" print and comes with the NFT's name, all inside a hand-painted, color-coordinated frame. The print is a partnership with Chicago Framers.

To get on the waitlist, users have to fill out the Google Form and provide their full name and email address. The prints will be shipped to the user's address. The cost of the prints has not been released.

CyberBrokers recently announced that it will be launching an online merchandise shop after displaying some of its offerings (FlashPoint Tees and Hi-Res Caps) at NFT NYC. The project will announce on Twitter when it plans to open the online store. 

The CyberBrokers floor price is up to 2.09 ETH, a more than 19 percent increase from July 1.

More about CyberBrokers

Created by @josiebellini, CyberBrokers is a collection of 10,001 NFT collectibles that provide membership and access to different kinds of metaversal experiences. Previously in finance, Josie left that world to join the cultural revolution of crypto. She has been creating art that tells the story of the crypto ecosystem since 2017. Josie's work has been sold at Christie's and Sotheby's, featured on, and sells on OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, and Async Art.

At the time of publish, the CyberBrokers floor price sits at 0.9 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 5 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 22 sharp wallets have sold 28 NFTs and 9 sharp wallets have bought 10 NFTs in the CyberBrokers collection. Catch up on other recent CyberBrokers news here.

Recent CyberBrokers Sales

#1930sold at 12/05 1:12am for
#4995sold at 12/04 6:12pm for
#6911sold at 12/04 6:12pm for
#6276sold at 12/04 6:12pm for
#6105sold at 12/04 5:12pm for

Recent CyberBrokers Listings

#4348listed at 12/05 7:12am for
#4348listed at 12/05 7:12am for
#9237listed at 12/05 4:12am for
#9237listed at 12/05 4:12am for
#8069listed at 12/05 4:12am for
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