Cyber Gorillas NFTs

Cyber Gorillas NFT Overview

Project Information

CyberGorillas is a collection of 3,333 randomly generated Cyber-themed Gorillas. The collection also  features 333 Genesis CyberGorillas.

After the initial minting, the development of breeding began. Breeding provides deflationary mechanics to the initial 3,333 supply and will be capped at 1,667 babies.

Additionally, all CyberGorillas will yield an amount of $GRILLA tokens per day. The 333 Genesis CyberGorillas yield significantly more $GRILLA tokens. Accumulated $GRILLA can be spent within the JungleShop to purchase "The Junglepass NFT," which will have a supply of only 100.

The Junglepass will give holders access to exclusive discord channels and access to presales of other NFT projects.