CyberKongz Babies NFTs

CyberKongz Babies NFT Overview

Project Information

CyberKongz Babies, or Baby Kongz, is the companion collection to the original Genesis CyberKongz.

In order to expand the CyberKongz Universe the mad scientist, Myoo, created a cybernetic breeding process allowing "cute as a button" Baby Kongz to be produced by breeding two Genesis Kongz.

The process to breed two Genesis CyberKongz requires a ton of energy, so 600 $BANANA is required to fuel the breeding frenzy.

The CyberKongz Babies utility includes:

  • Spend $BANANA to set the story of a Baby Kong by altering the biography.
  • Spend $BANANA to rename a Baby Kong with a quirky or fun nickname.
  • Unlock exclusive channels in CyberKongz Discord server.