CyberRonin Haruka NFTs

CyberRonin Haruka NFT Overview

Project Information

CyberRonin Haruka, also known as Haruka Ronin, is a collection of avatars that connects the metaverse to the physical world. The founder of the project is @mechashock.

Each NFT represents the spirit of the Haruka CyberRonin clan that fights against the tyranny and control from the evil Harada family.

The Haruka Treasury is the community vault where 55% of the funds will be transferred for developmental purposes, marketing, and community giveaways.

The project has plans to create collectible toys, a TV series, $HARUKA token feature improvements, and a Haruka Ronin game.

CyberRonin Haruka is looking forward to building Haruka HQ in the Metaverse.