Daisies by Natthakit Susanthitanon NFTs

Daisies by Natthakit Susanthitanon NFT Overview

Project Information

Daisies by Natthakit Susanthitanon (NSmag) is a 200-piece Art Block Factory collection from artist Natthakit Susanthitanon.

Art Blocks is the premier curation platform for generative art on the Ethereum Blockchain. While participating in drops on the Art Blocks platform, users mint unique, random iterations of each project, effectively creating their own 1/1 with each mint. Art Blocks Factory is a place for any artist to submit their generative art projects without waiting for formal acceptance into Art Blocks Curated. Despite the lower restrictions for entry, these projects are intended to reflect the innovation and creativity of the Art Blocks community. Because this tier is not officially curated nor by a previously accepted artist, Art Blocks Factory typically offers the cheapest entry point to ecosystem participants. 

Daisies is a generative doodling system that draws the daisy flower shapes over and over again. The daisy doodles, with this new medium, have been changed from unconsciously drawn by hand on the paper to randomly drawn by machine on the screen. This project is Natthakit's personal reminder of his first time making art with code when he created a simple flower shape using a circle and ellipses. Now that shape has evolved and becomes the main subject of his first on-chain generative art.