Danger Rangers NFTs

Danger Rangers NFT Overview

Project Information

Danger Rangers is a collection of 10,688 animal avatar NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

The team will be creating a player-to-earn (p2e), pvp (player-versus-player) game featuring the Danger Ranger NFTs. There will also be 3D avatars gifted to holders for the p2e game.

As stated in Roadmap 2.0, a drop of mutant serums with two serums for holders to choose from -- the D1A serum and the DZB serum -- is forthcoming.

The Mutant NFTs will have more utility in the team's upcoming game.

Along with the p2e game, the team will also be unveiling a staking mechanic.

Upon sellout, the team will allow holders to vote on the allocation of the $500,000 USD that will be reserved for charity efforts for wildlife.