DAVA Project NFTs

DAVA Project NFT Overview

Project Information

The DAVA Project is a unique collection of 10,000 avatars with 30,000 wearable assets that live on the Ethereum blockchain. The DAVA Project is focusing on building a decentralized avatar system, holding everything you need in a brand-new metaverse, like 3D appearance, unique username, information, and assets - building a sustainable ecosystem that rewards all participants on the blockchain. 

The DAVA Project is a 5 member team consisting of a product manager, contract dev, community manager, art director, and frontend dev. There are also a host of advisors to the project from other organizations like the Sandbox and NOD games.

Minting Dava gives holders both an avatar and wearable NFTs for minting using an on-chain equipment avatar system, meaning you can change your avatar's appearance on-chain. The team is also working on sponsorship opportunities and migration with other Metaverse systems such as the SandBox. DAVA 1.0 introduces a near wearable airdrop system for each release of a new item collection.  Holders who are in a specific style range may get free, special air drops.  Your DAVA will also automatically mine $DAVA tokens, which will be used for various activities in the Dava ecosystem.  In DAVA 1.0 phase, $DAVA can be used to purchase items, name your DAVA, and forge some items, etc. $DAVA can also be used for the future version of DAVA (Dava Medium).  DAVA holders will be able to craft their own DAVA items - design, mint, and sell your item.