DeadFellaz Announce Draw The Undead Top 5

DeadFellaz Announce Draw The Undead Top 5
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Deadfellaz announced its Draw The Dead, a community art contest where users draw derivatives of a Deadfellaz NFT, top 5 finalists in a recent Twitter post.

More than 200 users entered the contest and from them, 30 finalists were chosen, 15 of which being holders and 15 being non-holders according to the official Medium post.

Since then the five finalists have been selected and the winner of the contest will be voted on by Deadfellaz team members Betty and Psych along with guest judges Gossamer Rozen and ThankYouX.

Deadfellaz has partnered with Known Origin for this contest and will be auctioning off the five finalists' artworks at a later date.

All 30 finalists will be receiving a Deadfrenz NFT while the top five finalists that are holders will be selected to have their artwork displayed in art galleries along with a Deadfrenz Hybrid NFT and "1 Deadzone 13 Hideaway OnCyber Gallery."

The finalists in the top five that are non-holders will receive the same prizes as holders while holders receive the same along with Deadfellaz NFT and a 1/1 Infected S2 Collection NFT.

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