Deadfrenz NFTs

Deadfrenz NFT Overview

Project Information

Deadfrenz is a collection of 13,000 unique NFTs released as a companion project to the Deadfellaz, complimenting the original collections with both aesthetics and utility, with a special focus on gaming.

Deadfrenz is made up of 13 species, each with their own array of traits and variance. As in the original collections, rarity is statistical and secret traits are not always listed, but discovered. There are 13 species of Deadfrenz within the collection. Every species will be made up of 999 frenz and one 1/1 alpha fren. While many of the Deadfrenz still resemble the species of animal they were created from, the hybrids special. Created from a larger pool of genetically engineered traits the Hybrids are inherently rarer and considerably more aggressive. Holders of Deadfellaz with the following traits will receive a Lab Access Pass that will mint a ‘Hybrid’ fren: white glasses, dark grey brand tee, blue stripe.  

13 species of Deadfrenz:

- Monkeys