Steve Aoki Goes Undead With Deadfellaz NFT Collaboration

Steve Aoki Goes Undead With Deadfellaz NFT Collaboration

Steve Aoki is getting into the Halloween spirit early this year, partnering with Deadfellaz to create a collection of 'Undead' merchandise, Billboard reported this morning.

The new merchandise collection includes a limited-edition run of varsity jackets, t-shirt, hoodies, and skate decks. One of the varisty jackets comes with an identical digital wearable to sport in the metaverse. 

“NFTs and web3 are the future,” Aoki said of the partnership. “It has been such an adventure to create alongside pioneers such as Betty and Psych of the Deadfellaz Horde. Deadfellaz is an incredible project and a community that I am proud to also be a part of. I am honored to drop this collaboration for our Horde and share our passion with the world – the pieces are colorful, effervescent, and luxurious; I can’t wait to rock them!”

This isn't the first time Aoki and Deadfellaz joined forces to create a unique experience for NFT holders.

“Working with Steve has been so fun,” the co-founders of Deadfellaz, Betty and Psych, told Billboard. “He has embraced web3 and helped shape the space as it is so far, which has been especially impactful given his incredible success given his incredible success in a multitude of spaces like music, fashion, art, tech, and more. This collaboration comes a year after Steve DJ’d an exclusive set for [our community] at our very first Deadfellaz metaverse event last Halloween, so it feels very special to us.”

The collection will be revealed on Oct. 29.

Deadfellaz is on a partnership roll the last few months. In early September, the team partnered with American jeans manufacturer Wrangler for a choose your own adventure game.

More about Deadfellaz

Deadfellaz is a collection of 10,000 undead NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Apart from the art, DeadFellaz are known for their amazing community, coined "The Horde," which is led by the DeadFellaz co-founder, Betty. They are also well liked by other communities as they have recently announced collaborations with Cool Cats, Ghxsts and Gevols. Deadfellaz has further expanded their reach in the Metaverse with the introduction of 3D models and acquisition of a 24-plot on Decentraland.

At the time of publish, the Deadfellaz floor price sits at 0.699 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 12 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, 2 sharp wallets have sold 2 NFTs and no sharp wallets have bought NFTS in the the Deadfellaz collection. Catch up on other recent Deadfellaz news here.

Recent Deadfellaz Sales

#811sold at 12/02 10:12am for
#5991sold at 12/02 9:12am for
#1964sold at 12/02 7:12am for
#7727sold at 12/02 5:12am for
#1566sold at 12/02 3:12am for

Recent Deadfellaz Listings

#7503listed at 12/02 12:12pm for
#4981listed at 12/02 12:12pm for
#4981listed at 12/02 12:12pm for
#6800listed at 12/02 10:12am for
#6800listed at 12/02 10:12am for
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