Decentraland Unveils Revamped Marketplace

Decentraland Unveils Revamped Marketplace
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Decentraland announced an upgrade to its marketplace, enhancing navigation for better discoverability across primary and secondary markets. 

The Deets:

  • Updated marketplace navigation for better user experience
  • Improved discoverability across both primary and secondary markets
  • Special callout feature to buy directly from creators still in minting process

The Bulk

Decentraland, one of the leading metaverses, rolled out significant updates to its NFT marketplace. The overhaul aims to improve user experience and enhance discoverability across both primary and secondary markets.

The key update is a restructured navigation system that allows users to more efficiently explore and engage with the various offerings within the marketplace. Whether they're seeking out new minted assets or looking for secondary sales, users can now navigate the platform with ease and precision.

Additionally, the upgrade introduces a special callout feature that highlights creators still in the process of minting new items. This unique spotlight allows users to support and directly purchase from these creators, bolstering the creative community within Decentraland.

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Explore the newly revamped marketplace and discover unique digital assets while supporting creators directly in the minting process at Decentraland's Marketplace.

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