Degenheim Genesis NFTs

Degenheim Genesis

Project Information

Degenheim is a collection of fully gamified, hand-drawn NFTs created by a team of experts with a background in gaming. Building on the concepts of successful games like Diablo or Hades, Degenheim is creating a gaming ecosystem where virtually any and every in-game item is a nun-fungible token. Each Degenheim Degenesis NFT is the starting point of the Degenheim journey. Each Degenesis NFT is an access pass to gaining future in-game usable NFTs. Degenheim is creating a curated selection of different game modes to suit all types of holders. Once fully launched, Degenheim will feature Player-vs-Environment (PVE) play-and-earn, idle gaming, season-based player-vs-player (PvP), and PvP "Deathmatch" modes to appeal to a mass audience.

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