Degen Toonz Chooses 11 New Members of Its DAO Committee

Degen Toonz Chooses 11 New Members of Its DAO Committee
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Degen Toonz, an NFT metaverse access pass project, recently held an election for 11 open spots in its DAO committee.

At the conclusion of the election, the winners were announced:

  • @jacewilx (68 votes)
  • @suthie86 (56)
  • @ZacharyOchoa (55)
  • @DharmaGoth (49)
  • @CryptologistG (48)
  • @kryptobaby777 (47)
  • @bigbellydaddi (39)
  • @nilsfisch (39)
  • @meta_cn (38)
  • @monkish_nft (33)
  • @CBRECHT19 (32)

"This committee will be made up of 11 community members, voted on by you all to represent the community and bring forth DAO proposals," the Snapshot vote reads. "These members will liaise and collaborate with the community to gather DAO proposals. The 11 members will vote amongst themselves to select those proposals that should be put to a community wide vote."

This new committee will oversee, manage, and vote on proposals.

"When a DAO proposal receives a majority of at least six votes by the committee, it will be presented to the team and put up for community wide voting," the DAO Committee vote page reads. "To ensure a fair voting system within the committee, all members who participate in this committee will all have a singular, and equal vote. This system is not based on the amount of Toonz held."

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