Degenz Den NFTs

Degenz Den NFT Overview

Project Information

Degenz Den Genesis is a collection of 2,000 generative, hand-drawn Hyena NFTs.

The Genesis collection is the first collection in the Degenz Den universe.

The initial drop of 2,000 Hyena NFTs is the genesis collection of the Degenz Den universe, granting holders access to all future Degenz Den raffles.

Each Hyena will generate 20 $HONEY per day and grant holders access to whitelist spots for all future Degenz Den NFT drops.

First in the pipeline is an airdrop of Honey Badger NFTs to the first 1,000 genesis members.

Additionally, merchandise will be created for the community to purchase using $HONEY. 

The project is founded by Cam, Aric, and GoodguyCrypto.